Meet Paul Theobald.

Paul Theobald spent 42 years in education, working as a high school teacher, a professor, and a dean at Wayne State College. An internationally-recognized expert in education history, he has published more than 50 peer-reviewed journal articles and three books, with his most recent, Education Now (2009), winning an award from the American Educational Studies Association.

As an education professional, Paul protected rural communities by fighting back against school consolidation. He also advised urban school systems on legal matters pertaining to school funding. In 2005, Paul worked for the legal team representing Omaha Public Schools in the case that resulted in the creation of learning communities.

The descendant of a family of farmers, Paul was the owner-operator of several small-scale livestock farms. He is a past president of the Nebraska Farmers Union's northeast district.

Paul has previously served as Chair of the Pierce County Democratic Party and vice chair of the Nebraska Democratic Party. In 2018, he was the Democratic nominee for U.S. House in Nebraska's 3rd district.

A native of rural Minnesota, Paul met and married his wife, Maureen, in Wayne, where their kids attended public schools. The two now live in Elkhorn.